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Mobile Smart Phone Payments

As mobile payments become commonplace in the United States, both a merchant as well as the consumer should be aware of the security vulnerabilities as the phones were not specifically designed to make or accept payments. Inexpensive spyware can be purchased online to give hackers access to your calls, see your text messages, photos as well as track your [...]

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Minimum Purchase Price

A new federal law allows businesses to set a minimum purchase price of up to $ 10.00 for credit card purchases. This helps businesses offset the fees they must pay for the privilege of accepting cards. The law does not address debit card purchases which means there is no minimum purchase price whether you enter your PIN or [...]

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Top Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Credit Card Processor

Ask your service provider to explain your rates: Know what you are paying if your provider uses terms like mid-qualified or non-qualified. Ask what are the rates for reward cards. If they offer you low base rates, do you pay higher rates for the credit cards your customers actually use.   Accept debit cards: Debit [...]

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The Process – Credit Card Processing Made Simple

To understand credit card processing, it is important to first understand who the major participants are in the industry and the roles they play. Most people see credit card transactions as an item is desired, the cardholder pays with a card, the merchant accepts the card, papers are signed, the cardholder leaves with the item and 25 days later the [...]

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